Born in France I came to live in the UK in my early twenties but only started painting in later life. I have been living in Chalfont St. Giles for most of that time.


I am a self taught artist who learns through attending courses, workshops and demonstrations as well as going to Exhibitions. It is an ongoing learning curve which is stimulating and exciting.


I am a member of the Beechwood Artists Club and of the Visual Image Group who organise Bucks Art Weeks every year in June.  I also exhibit with a group of friends known as Simpatico.



I mostly use acrylics with a fairly dry brush (and a knife for the finishing touches) as well as acrylic inks. I enjoy experimenting in all manners of styles and aim to simplify forms whenever possible. Painting has been a tradition in my family which I am proud to continue.



Art is first and foremost a way towards personal development and fulfilment.


For further information, please contact me at [email protected]

Cécile Gallina

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